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Can’t see the forest for the trees? What is the optimum performance level for you? How do you measure your progress?


The greatest single tool anyone has is their own mind. Over the years we have seen the results of focused intention from high-level executives to Olympians. All of these benefits are results of proven techniques here for discovery.


Life is what it is all about. Living to your fullest and reaching goals of self-improvement. Seeing the quality in every moment. Getting the most from every action.

Hello! I’m Brad

Master Chi

For years I have been providing counsel to my clients on health and wellness for the mind and body. I’ve discovered many reasons for disease and stress over the years, as well as finding ways to alleviate the symptoms they create. The advice I have given would often time help to avoid the pain from those symptoms. We must do more than this if we are to actually heal these problems. It is time to train the person to work correctly with their own mind and body to avoid common injuries and diseases of today, thereby allowing them to heal their world, and themselves.

"I have always been in control of events. From running my home and helping within the family. My home is the one for all holiday get togethers. This natural skill has allowed me to manage 2 businesses and finally to start my own in 2015. Of course by this time I was also running myself head first into a nervous breakdown and possibly therapy. Brads Focus Training taught me to streamline myself and my business. I now have more time and almost zero stress. I highly recommend Focus Training for anyone, don't wait like I did!!"

Stacy – 44

"Performance, Driven, Goals Oriented, Passionate-- These are words people would use to describe me. Three Marathons, an IronMan and two tough mudders over the last 5 years. I teach CrossFit and I'm a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Brad's Focus Training intrigued me because I have done a number of self-improvement courses and found plenty of value in them. Curious as to what new material he may have, I set up a talk. I have to tell you Brad's Focus Training is different than all others. And you may find, as I did, similarities in ideas and concepts, but the "Know Thyself" aspect, as well as other key ingredients, set Brad's method apart and make it a must for self-improvement."


"My son was having trouble both in school and in life. My wife was unable to regulate his activities and I was working 85+hrs weekly leaving me with little options. Brad and he talked and after one meeting the change was significant. I had them meet 3 more times and it seems like smooth sailing. Grades on the up and up and I have even learned a few things myself. Thanks Brad!!!!"

Big Dino


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